Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hello All!

Happy Wednesday! Lately I have been doing advice type posts on Wednesdays, but today I decided to do something a little more light-hearted. Also I got a haircut and I wanted to share! I'll be sharing some tips on how to get a haircut you won't regret and how to get over a haircut you hate! Because let's be serious it has happened to all of us.

I usually decide on a whim that my hair is too long and I can't deal with it anymore! I don't really experiment with hairstyles and popular dos, I just like it straight and cut. I have in the past had my hair in layers, bobs, really short, and really really long. So I know how difficult it can be decided what you want and how it will look.

one// Decide That You Want a Haircut
This sounds silly but remember it is always your decision. No matter what other people say about getting a haircut or not, it is always up to you. I know when I go to the salon the lady always gives me the hardest time about chopping my hair, but it is my decision always!

two// Be Confident
Remember it is just hair! No matter what happens it will grow out and it will look good on you. You will rock it!! Don't let anyone discourage you from doing what you want in your hair. Like I said previously, the salon ladies always come play with my hair and try to discourage me. They always tell me to "just trim it" but that's not what I want.

three// Do Your Research
Know what you want before you walk in the door. Know how short/long you want it, know the style, the color, know everything! I like to play with my hair before I get it cut to see how short I want it. I'll stand in the mirror and fold my hair until I can picture what it will look like.

four// Speak Up
Remember you are paying for this! This is YOUR hair. Speak up. It is not offensive or rude to say that you don't like something or to keep moving the comb up and down until the perfect length is achieved. Go with your vision in mind and be flexible, but at the end of the day it is your hair and you do what you want.

five// Have Fun With It
Getting your hair done should not be a miserable experience. You should be able to enjoy yourself and feel good about yourself. Run your fingers through your hair. Smile, bounce around. Enjoy the feeling of the new you!

Do you have any tips?