Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Little Ways to Feel Happier

Hello Loves,

We get it! Some days are really difficult, some weeks make it hard to smile. Especially Mondays. We all struggle through Mondays. As we hit the middle of the week, we all need a little more to smile about, not just the fact that Friday is right around the corner.

one// Smile
It sounds basic because it is! As we buzz around our week and days we forget to smile. Even forcing a smile can cause stress to start melting away!

two// Technology Detox
I actually went ahead and did this over the weekend and it was amazing! Just putting your phone, laptop, and other devices away and off for as little as 60 minutes can change your phone day. It is good for the mind, body, and soul.

three// Sniff Lemons
Now this is a weird one! But according to science just 10 minutes of sniffing the lemons will help decrease your bad mood.

four// Dark Chocolate
Eat a piece of dark chocolate. The antioxidants can trigger the your blood vessels to relax, which lowers blood pressure!

five// Get Outdoors
Even if its just a walk around the block for lunch, exposure to greenery can boost your mental health.

six// Exercise
Go for a run, do some yoga, swim. Whatever you do, do something! Even if its just for 30 minutes.

seven// Meditate
Research says that you will see a noticeable improvement after just one week of regular practice.

eight// Go To Bed an Hour Earlier
According to research not getting enough sleep can make you less optimistic. So time to power down that Netflix!

nine// Sing
Yep! Just letting loose and singing even a few bars can lower stress and boost endorphins

ten// Learn Something New
Whether you listen to a podcast or you attempt a new recipe, it'll help you feel accomplished.

eleven// Buy Yourself Flowers
Its pretty easy to see how just a $7 bouquet can really boost your mood. So treat yourself.

twelve// Wash Your Face
Its all about the "me" time. Pampering yourself can really elevate how you feel.

thirteen// Hang Out With Friends
There is nothing quite as helpful as spending time with friends. Whether its face-to-face or via facetime it can help with everything.

What do you do to feel happier?