Monday, November 7, 2016

Make Up Brushes Cleaning {DIY}

Hello Friends!

I feel like I haven't done a beauty post in quite some time. My posts have been a little all over the place, but with having to clean my brushes today I decided to share with you all what I was doing. Clearly, I am a pretty big DIY-er, but a simple DIY-er since my skills are not very large or good. This one actually came from my sister!

I typically use a mixture of water and baby shampoo to clean my brushes. I like that mixture best because it is the softest and smoothest mixture, it also leaves my brushes incredibly soft. I like using that mixture because it is fairly easy to make. Now the one thing that I do not like is scrubbing my brushes until they are completely free of make up. It takes FOREVER!!!! So I started using a makeup brush cleaning pad. However, I just could not justify spending money to buy them. So I made my own.

To make your own you need a hot glue gun, hot glue, and we used the top of a pringles can. But you can just use any type of circular plastic. Once you've decided what to use you make the different patterns and textures on the pringles top with the hot glue. I made zig zags, straight lines, and dots. You can make a lot of different patterns too. Whichever patterns you think would be the most useful for cleaning your brushes. Once the glue has dried, go forth and clean those brushes!

How do you clean your brushes?