Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving {Menu}

Hello All!

I LOVE THANKSGIVING. It is my favorite holiday. My sister came home for the Holiday and we cooked a lot. We pretty much have the same menu every year. We borrowed a lot from Martha Stewart and William Sonoma. Between the three different potlucks and friendsgivings I did this year I am so ready to cook for this year!

My family and I take Thanksgiving very seriously. We plan our menu meticulously, shop, and cook days in advance just to be prepared for the big day. Now we know that cooking is not the reason for the season, But it is a great way for us to get together and spend quality time as a family. The years are hard and we don't always get along, but this is the best way for us to put everything aside, and really enjoy each other's company.

Every year we make:
Turkey & Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Yams
Cranberry Sauce
Bruschetta with Focaccia
Pecan Pie

Our menu is pretty much the same for every Thanksgiving. We occasionally add new things. Everyone in my family has a different thing that we cook. For example, I make the bread. My mom cooks nothing. My dad and one of my sisters make pretty much everything else.

What's on your Thanksgiving menu?