Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Things To Do At The Beginning Of The Month

Hello Friends!

I can't believe that November is ending and we are coming into the last month of the year! As we go into the last month of the year its hard not to thinking about resolutions and other things of the sort. You all know me and how much emphasis I put on organization. So there are a couple of things that I find useful to do at the beginning of the month to really set the stage for the rest of the month.

Things to do at the beginning of every month to prepare for the month ahead!

one// Lay out some plans & notes
Whip out your planner/calendar/notebook/whatever and take a look a the month to mark any important birthdays, appointments, plans, etc. This will help keep you organized for the month. 

two// Setup/evaluate your budget
Take a look at your finances and figure out if you need to tweak anything, then set your monthly budget. The key to successful finances is budgeting. It never hurts to quickly review your monthly finances.

three// Set yourself some realistic goals
To achieve all your dreams you need to set steps to get to your goals. It is important to set yourself doable milestone goals in order to get your final destination. You don't need to write down every single goal for the month just set yourself a few (or one!), big one(s). Also reflect on the previous month.

four//Deep-clean & declutter your home
I think it is a good idea to really deep-clean your home at least once a month. Clean everything that needs cleaned- stove, rugs, windows, random nooks. This has been especially important for us. We have such a hard time tidying up and decluttering so slowly working and keeping it up each month really helps.

five//Pick out a book (or something).
I love reading! So I try to pick out a book to read every month. If you're not a reader, then make time for something else to improve yourself and/or your knowledge- like sign up for a class or free online course, or make time to knit.

six//Clean out your purse.
If you're anything like me, your purse turns into an abyss of random items and junk. SO MANY RECEIPTS. I feel like once a month is good because that's when it really needs the cleaning. Plus I like to switch which purse I'm using sometimes. Go through it and throw away receipts, put my loose change away, and generally clean it out and re-organize it.

What would you add?