Friday, December 2, 2016

I Got A Cat!

Hi Friends!

This post is more of an update, fun life post! After a lot of convincing and begging and researching and cat sitting..... I finally got my own cat! Meet Sammy!

He is nearly 3 years old. I adopted him from a friend that is allergic to him and could no longer keep him at her house. He is a very cute, kinda scaredy cat.

He spent a lot of time hiding on his first day at my house. He is so stealth! He could be a spy. Since we were having so much trouble finding him I got him a bell for his collar.

This was his most intense hiding spot. Now he likes to sleep in the towels. Soon Sammy will be turning 3 years old. I already bought his birthday present and cake. You could say I am very excited to be a cat mommy.