Monday, December 5, 2016

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Hello Friends!

This is the second year my office does a White Elephant Gift Exchange for our holiday party. White Elephant is really such a fun way to give gifts and enjoy ourselves. There's a couple of different ways of doing a White Elephant Exchange.

The Simple White Elephant Exchange
  • This simple version starts with each guest drawing a number out of hat/bowl/etc – there should be a number per person per each gift. The person who draws number one chooses a gift to unwrap, then the person who draws number two can choose the gift unwrapped by number one or choose an unwrapped gift. The person with number three could choose the unwrapped gifts from persons one and two, or choose a new unwrapped gift. This continues until all people participating have a gift.
The Competitive White Elephant Exchange
  • This next version is a more competitive version of the game listed above. This version also has the possibility to go on and on and on, depending on how many people you have and how many popular gifts you have. Therefore, the same drawing rules from above are used again, but once a gift has shifted hands FIVE times, it becomes frozen so that whomever the is the fifth person with that gift is stuck with it.
The Super-Simple White Elephant Exchange
  • This next one is the simplest white elephant exchange version that I have ever seen. You repeat the same plan for drawing a number as above, but this time you don’t unwrap the gifts. You get to choose based on the outer appearance of the gift. Then, after the final person has chosen a gift or taken someone else’s gift, all presents can be unwrapped at the same time.