Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hello Friends!

Most mornings that I wake up and everything's great, I have a positive outlook, a fresh to-do list, high hopes for the day, and ready to accomplish and take on the day. Then the other mornings the fast pace/impatient world smack me right in the face as I get up. Some days stress slowly creeps in and other days the stress smacks you just as you get up, but no matter how it comes we all need to learn how to deal with it all.

I have a couple ways that I de-stress. My major way is to make myself some tea or hot chocolate then I'll grab a book and lounge in bed or find a quiet space away from everyone and everything else around me. Quiet, alone time is the easiest way for me to calm down, re-evaluate what's going on and how to move from there.

Of course, my tea and alone time is not for everyone. So below are a few tips to help you unwind.


It’s sometimes impossible to escape the stress that’s trying to swallow you unless you do the dreaded deed of unplugging, in other words walking away from your phone, computer, etc. for an hour or even just 10 minutes will help. I am a bit of a phone junkie and when I first started the practice of ‘unplugging’ it was hard to walk away from my phone a good length of time, but it gets easier and easier and truly does make all the difference.

Adult Coloring Books// 

Turning on the TV and coloring for a little bit really does wonders to take you mind off whatever is bothering you and just not think for a little bit and afterwards you are better able to process certain things.


When you are physically active your body releases endorphins, which boost your mood! Exercising not only keeps you in shape but it melts stress away.


Put on some danceable music and jump around till you start to feel happy again. This one goes back to the release of endorphins

Mediation and/or Breathing// 

Yoga is kind of the perfect solution for this one, not to mention it will make you toned too! During mediation the body decreases the production of stress hormones and starts to release calming hormones, and improves overall health


The more rested you are the better able you are to process information that may otherwise be stressful. Turn off your phone, put on an eye mask, and sleep!

Take a Hot Bath//

Turn on some relaxing music, light some scented candles, throw in a bath bomb, and unwind. Taking a hot bath relaxes muscles and long baths can be soothing for the mind


Have you seen Sammy?? He's the cutest ever. He absolutely helps me de-stress. On particularly hard days He's always around making sure I'm okay. He sits next to me and wraps his tail around me.
How do you de-stress?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Boots for Fall

Hey, Y'all!

We are in the thick of things in Fall today! It was actually cold all day and let me tell you, I was NOT prepared. I'm still cold just thinking about it and tomorrow is going to be even colder! I don't know if this Florida girl will be able to manage Fall. But I do LOVE boots. I have had such a fun time wearing boots. I have a couple of favorites including the ones below. There are some really cute bow boots that I'm aching for. I also really want some Bean Boots, but they're on backorder for the rest of my life apparently.

What boots do you like to wear for fall?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Treat Yo Self

Hello Friends,

So as you all know, today is historically Treat Yo Self day from Parks and Recreations. With this in mind I decided to come up with a list of things to treat yourself with. I mean after all we can all use a little bit of extra rewards and pampering.

  • Buy yourself a new book or healthy cookbook
  • Give yourself a lazy day-- or at least an hour
  • Take a hot, relaxing bubble bath with wine and chocolate of course!
  • Plan a movie night
  • Order your favorite takeout or treat yourself to your favorite restaurant
  • Go to the beach, a museum, the park, hike a mountain, whatever you like
  • Get a facial, massage, and/or a mani/pedi
  • Buy yourself pretty flowers
  • Read your favorite magazines
  • Get your hair done
  • Buy or make stuff off Pinterest
  • Go to a local concert
  • Sleep in or take a nap
  • Take yourself out to the movies
  • Volunteer, give back to a cause you really like
  • Treat yourself to something handmade from Etsy

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to get stuff done is to give yourself a reward

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How I Try to be More Productive

Hello Friends!

I have been trying SO hard to be more productive and to use my time effectively. I wish I could tell you that I have been massively successful, but I haven't. I think it has been a mix of a couple of different things like hating homework or being lazy. I have been trying new ways to motivate myself to get stuff done. Lately, I've found that I needed new ways to motivate myself and to be more productive. That being said I absolutely need help from y'all to get more ideas and help to be more productive.

one// Write one master to-do list
I have gone back and forth with one for a long time. I have found that if I have a separate list for each thing, like work, school, my blog, and personal stuff; I'll rarely look at all the different things over the course of a day. Then I'd forget important things that were "written down somewhere." Instead, when I have one master list of 70+ things that need to get done (in order of priority), I don't accidentally forget something. And sure somethings roll over to another day or week, but at least all my goals are there at a glance.

two// Create a structured day
This has been a fairly new thing that I have been doing. I have literally been writing down my schedule with times in it. Like I will be in class from 10 am-5 pm on Tuesday and from there I have a meeting at 6:30pm-8:30pm then I go home and have dinner at 9:15pm. I do homework until 10:45 pm. Then I start my bedtime routine and its lights out by 11:15 pm. Schedule all the different things from the moment you wake up and schedule your work out time and never forget to schedule your lunch and dinner breaks!

three// Get out of bed
This is always the hardest one for me (because I don't have a desk chair). But studying, working, anything else cannot be done in bed! There are too many distractions in bed and sometimes I just need a change of setting. I like packing up and heading to my local public library and working there for a couple of hours. If you have computer heavy work like I do, you might also need to find a new place to sit and work!

four// Background music
I love listening to something while I am working. Unfortunately, that means that I am watching Netflix while I do homework and that does not help at all. I have found a way around that. In order to get some noise in my life, but nothing that will be too distracting I pull up Pandora and listen to an Enya station. It is music without many words, it is also relaxing, it ends up working out well.

What tips do you have?

Monday, October 9, 2017

5 Handbags You Need in Your Life

Hello Friends!

We all love getting new things. But we all know deep down that when it comes to certain things in our closets, less is more. You want to buy the better stuff. Once you get the better stuff you can totally get away with less stuff. In the spirit of keeping our closets to a minimal, I picked 5 of my favorite must-have types of purses.

Something Structured to Make You Feel Like a Lady

Think of an elegant top-handle bag as an investment piece. It is dressy without being stuffy. In a neutral color (like grey, navy, black, or tan) you can wear it to nearly no end. Plus, it has enough room for your everyday essentials without feeling too bulky. I am lusting for this one.

A Timeless Crossbody That You'll Wear Over & Over

A long over your shoulder-  or across your body- consider this your off-duty staple. A nice, rich color with just a hint of embellishment. It is perfectly sized and lets you go hand-free. This is my go-to purse and this one for a brown. 

A Roomy Tote

This is probably the one you'll see me with the most. Its for all those times you need to schlep what seems like your entire life and the other bags just won't do. That's when you reach for your shoulder tote. A minimal design, so that it looks just as good empty as it does overflowing. This one is my favorite.

A Fun Pouch You'll Love Picking Up

The most fun trend to come out lately, is that clutches aren't just for evening anymore. Larger fabric pouches have made their way into daytime use too. You can pare down your daily necessities or nestle your pouch in your larger tote for any last-minute fancy lunches.

A Lightweight but Sturdy Weekender

Weekenders are perfect for a weekend getaway or if you need a gym bag. You'll never regret having a multi-pocket duffel bag lying around. This one is definitely a favorite

Which other handbags do you like to have?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Falling For Fall

Hello All!

This is my first official fall!!! This also means I get to add a whole new aspect to my wardrobe. As you all know it is a very exciting time of year (when you can buy clothes). I am SO ready for all the plaid and jeans and boots and vests and oversized sweaters. My roommates have already started their fall shopping. Now you all know me and know how much I overthink things. Therefore I have looked at so many clothes until I finally found some pieces I like and wanted to share with you all. PLEASE send me suggestions of places to look.

I also like a nice white sweater or a classic stripped white and black sweater. I really want to be able to wear this dress, but I'm pretty sure that I'll never be able to brave the cold. But I absolutely cannot wait for this sweater. I am so happy that I can officially be in a place where sweater weather is a thing!

What are you wearing this fall?

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4 Ways to Handle Burnout

Hello Friends!

We have all gotten to the point where you feel like everything is wrong even though there's nothing really wrong. When you're so overwhelmed that a molehill feels like a mountain. Or maybe you find yourself crying on the bus because you were just..... so.......tired (just me?). Or maybe everything that normally excites you just feels blah.

These moments, as insignificant as they seem, are signs that your energy is wiped and you're in need of a break. Resting is integral. We're always biting off more, we're pushing ourselves to hustle harder, and we're not slowing down until it's too late. We don't want to get to the point where our health forces us to slow down or your emotions are running ragged. You need to take a big step back.

When the candle is burning at both ends and you need a break here are some ideas:


Put an eye mask on, your phone away, and let your body wake up naturally. You want to really recover the natural way, away from light. Studies show that 1 in 3 adults aren't getting enough sleep. Let's not be the one! We need continuous rest. Nothing good comes from operating at a fraction of your optimum energy.

Step Away.

This can be the hardest thing to do! Vacation. Long Weekend. A day off. Whatever you can afford regarding flexibility, travel, time, and create space for it. One of the best things you can do for your forward momentum is to give your brain time to relax and process everything it's learned and experienced. Resting and relaxation are most important for these things.

Spend a couple of hours with your people.

People can be life's biggest "energizers." The people who no matter what fill you with energy and inspiration. Who let you be yourself completely. The ones that want to hear about what's going on and know how you recharge and relax. I personally like spending quiet quality time with my people.

Head To Nature.

I am not huge on nature in that you'll never see me camping! Mother nature is there to help you breathe. To give you perspective. To cradle your energy back to life. Go outside and take in the night sky. Head to your favorite part (preferably without your phone). Go for a walk. Fresh air and long walks can do you wonders. 
How do you handle burnout?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Hello Friends!

Happy Fall!! This is my first real fall! I have to say I am incredibly excited for this season. It is actually cooling down now. On Friday, it got cold and has not warmed up since. I think it is time to officially call it Fall! I have spent LOTS and lots of time looking at other people's fall adventures and religiously following bloggers that explore Fall. I am so excited to finally be a part of this season. With all my "stalking" I have a pretty extensive bucket list.

  1. Tailgate
  2. Attend a Football Game
  3. Find a perfect Fall Candle
  4. Carve a pumpkin
  5. Bake a pie
  6. Find a coffee shop to study
  7. Go to an Apple Orchard & Pumpkin Patch
  8. Hike as the leaves change
  9. Make a "Thankful For" list
  10. Watch Halloween Movies
  11. Visit a corn maze
  12. Go to a bondfire
  13. Make S'Mores
  14. Make candy apples
  15. Decorate for Fall
  16. Go to a Fall Festival
  17. Visit a Farmer's Market
  18. Take a Fall Foliage tour
  19. Day Trip
  20. Go on a tour of a Brewery
  21. Drink warm apple cider

What's on your bucket list?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Book Club {September 2017}

Hello, My Fellow Clubbies,

It has been a while since I've done one of these!! I can't believe I've lasted without reading for so long. I've been itching to get back to it. I've even gone to the public library to get myself a card (but I need proof of residence so that's pending). Finally, my roommate lent me a book and I finished it in two days. The joy of having a huge chunk of travel time means I get TONS of quiet reading time.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
This is a great mystery! It is an easy read, but perfect for when you're in a funk and need to get out of it. It kept me on my toes the entire time. Although I wasn't Lo (main character)'s biggest fan, I'd totally recommend it!

What are you currently reading?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Front Doors

Hello All!

I've been playing around with what to write about today and I decided to take a chance. I started following some Boston-based bloggers on Instagram when I first decided to move here. A lot of them post pictures of Front Doors. I thought it was so COOL!! Since I moved here I've been making my own collection of front doors and I wanted to share that with you all today. It looks like people get really festive up here, so I'm excited to watch the doors change.

My roommates and I have already started changing our decor to reflect fall. I'm excited to see how all the beautiful houses will look in full Fall mode. We are already starting to see leaves on the floor, unfortunately, it is a million degrees outside, you'd think it's summer!

Do you decorate for fall?

Friday, September 22, 2017

What We Learn from our Pets

Hello Friends!

The other day I came across this awesome graphic which in detail explains all the positive things that a pet, specifically a dog, bring into our lives. Which got me thinking. What are all the things in my life now that I only have because of Sammy? Turns out that list is pretty long. I have been pretty lucky to have Sammy in my life.

Now I have to say I definitely learned a lot about how pets can help us out in our daily life. I actually started looking into it after a friend of mine posted an Instagram about her cat, an Emotional Support Animal. This is a topic that has actually been increasingly prevalent in my life lately. Sammy is definitely my unofficial emotional support animal.

Sammy is by no means a cuddly cat. But he's there when I need him. 
He's shown me that I don't need to change myself to still be considerate or helpful. 
He wakes me up in the morning and shows me that it's important to get an early start to the day, but it is equally important to sleep in on weekends. 
He's shown me that naps cure everything. 
He showed me that diets are overrated and to eat all the food you want!
He's shown me that exercise is an important part of every day

I love his adorable little face. His incredibly complex personality. The way he comes to the door for me. So he may not be a dog, but he creates many of the same "protective factors" as any dog. Ultimately pets are our companions through life. They love us, they help up, they pick us up when we're down, they trust us, and they are always ready to hang out. Tell me about your pets!

What does your pet do for you?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thriving in a Long Distance Relationship

Hello Friends!

I never thought of myself as someone that would be in a long distance relationship. But life has a funny way of giving you what you never thought you wanted or even needed. My boyfriend came into my life at a moment when I wasn't looking for anyone and I didn't think I'd be in a relationship. Yet there he was.

After over a year of being in a long distance relationship (and at least 2 more to come), we've learned a lot along the way. Now I want to say not everything works for everyone and I am NOT an expert. We tried a lot of different things before we got into the groove of things. It wasn't easy and some days it is still not easy, but we try our best.

one// Trust and be Trusted

Trust will forever be the most important part in your relationship! Everyone around you will have tons of things to say and will give your two cents about everything. You have to trust your relationship and your significant other. Trust is significantly harder when you don't see the other person regularly. When you live completely separate lives in completely different places. Its hard when there's all these people in their life that you don't know and this whole life that you're only a part of, virtually. 

Although the distance is physical between the two of you, you don't need to create an emotional distance. Suspicion and distrust all lead to this. Trust will ultimately lead to a flourishing of your relationship (long-distance or not).

two// Real Communication

All people have different communication styles. We all interpret things differently. As you get into a relationship with someone else, you learn their little quirks. It's a little harder and takes longer in a long distance relationship. That is why you have to be more purposeful. When you're Skyping or talking on the phone, you need to share your feelings, share your big life events. They are your person. Include them. Let them know about your fears, frustrations, small wins and big wins!

three// Consistency

Once you find your step it being Skyping every day or phone calls every Wednesday night. Be consistent about your communication. Nothing makes your relationship feel more secure than a set time to talk.

Since you're living far away lives, having this set time adds your significant other into your daily life. Having the set time shows that you respect each other and that you are purposefully adding each other to your life. Naturally, texting and spontaneous phone calls are good, but having that time set aside where you only focus on each other is the best thing you can do.

four// Meet Up

Set a date. Today, six weeks down the road, a year from now. Set a date! See each other. Have a goal in mind, put up a countdown calendar, and get excited to see each other. Save a couple of dollars here and there and you'll see how quickly $20 adds to a full-blown vacation. Make it a priority to see each other. Seeing each other, having those memories, is a huge part of making a long distance relationship thrive. 

Do you have any tips?

Friday, September 15, 2017

My Week in Review

Hello All!!

Today marks the end of my first full week at school! I want to tell you all that it has been a super fun and exciting week, but it really hasn't. I just went to class and did stuff around the house. I haven't really had time to explore Boston. I think I'll probably do some of that today. I have some errands to run so it'll be the perfect time to walk around and explore. I've done some light exploring of my neighborhood.

I have class 2.5 days of the week and the other times I'm pretty much free. I'm trying to have a couple of things to do on my day off. I got a little part-time job and hopefully joining some community activities or clubs.

This past weekend my roommates took me to brunch then we went shopping. It was so much fun! We hung out on the Lawn on D. Brunch was absolutely amazing. It was a fun spot in Allston and we got SO MUCH food. We rounded out the day with pizza and a movie. I'm really liking living with roommates (I didn't think I'd like it this much).

While I was doing this my phone was blowing up because of the Hurricane in Florida. My family is doing well. They finally got power again. My parents stayed home and rode the hurricane. Like true Floridians they did not leave. Luckily, they were safe and everything is slowly going back to normal. My parents cleaned up the house and now they're so ready to go back to work!

How was your week?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Moving Essentials

Hello, Friends!

If you've checked my blog last week you would've seen that I moved to Boston!! It was definitely an interesting experience and I learned a lot. I now have roommates, live on a hill on the third floor, without an elevator, in a place where winter is a thing. I moved with 2 suitcases, a cat, one carry on, and no furniture. I had lots of help moving, and I learned a lot.


I did not move with boxes, if you move with boxes KEEP THEM!! They're great for storage. I had to go out and buy bins to fit under my bed and it is soo helpful!


These may not be super essential during the actual moving thing, but they are so helpful when you're unpacking. As you start getting furniture to build and situating your things, you'll really need the scissors.

three//Workout Tank

Unless you're moving somewhere cold or are moving during the winter months then you may not need this, but for everyone else moving in the spring and summer it is very likely that it will be hot. I was very glad to have a workout tank during my move.

four//Water bottle

Staying hydrated as you're walking back and forth, or up and down the stairs is very important. Staying hydrated is important in general, but especially while moving, even more in the heat! Make sure you have plenty of water on hand.

five//Tool Kit

So I actually forgot my tool kit at home. Luckily the boyfriend brought his own. We used the hammer, drill, level, and tons of other stuff. It is crucial for measuring your space before buying furniture or help for building your IKEA furniture.

If you're moving alone, like I was, I'd suggest bringing a friend! It will be an adventure. If you're moving and don't have a bed that night, I'd suggest bringing an air mattress!

What are your essentials?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering 9/11- National Day of Service

Hello All!!

Today is 9/11 remembrance day. It is the 16th year anniversary since the devastating attack on The World Trade Center. It is a day that forever changed the world. This day has now been know as a Day of Service.

As if by G-d's will a hurricane hit my hometown yesterday. Hurricane Irma is still going through the northern part of Florida and Southern Georgia. Luckily, it has downgraded to a tropical storm by now. Watching my family home, my friends, my parents, my co-workers, my city goes through this mad-rush preparedness was hopeful. While it seemed devastating and stressful, I heard and saw many heroes in my home. I am so proud of Florida! We are Florida strong and we will rebuild.

That's our mango tree

My parents are doing well, they are safe, no damage to the house, no power, and spotty service. They did a fast job of cleaning up the driveway. The reason why I think it was amazing that we had this hurricane yesterday is that today is a National Day of Service. Today we all give back to our community. Today we band together and tell the world how strong we are. I am so proud and thankful for the 2,000+ volunteers that rose up to the occasion. Volunteers from the local area and volunteers that traveled from across the county to my beautiful Florida.

My home is now a wilderness

If you are interested in helping but do not have the money, give your time. Give of yourself something you will never get back. Give of yourself. Give people you most important, special thing: Your Time. You don't have to formally volunteer somewhere, but you can just start with your neighbors. Think of ways you can give back.

Thank you for your concerns.

Friday, September 8, 2017

5 Love Languages

Hello, Friends!

A couple months ago I shared with you all a book that I read. This book called The 5 Love Languages was a very interesting read and take on love. I must say putting the things I learned in the book into practice has been difficult, but incredibly rewarding! After figuring out what my love language is and what my boyfriend's love language is we were able to start learning each other's languages and speaking to each other in a way we both understand.

Here is a quick rundown of the 5 Languages:
  1. Physical touch
  2. Gift giving
  3. Quality time
  4. Acts of service
  5. Words of affirmation
While we all have a primary language that does not mean that the other ones should be ignored or valued less. They are all important, but only one or two are your primaries. For example, I "speak" Quality Time as my primary. My boyfriend "speaks" Acts of Service as his primary. There are a couple reasons why it's important to know each other's language. Firstly, if we speak different languages we may not realize that we aren't fulfilling the other person. Secondly, we do not realize that things the other person craves and may come off as an annoyance to us are really the way they feel loved. But once you find out (by reading or through experience) what your partner's love language is you want to start acting on it. I've made a list of a couple of things you can do for each one.

Gift Giving

Listen--> Wait--> Store--> Give I love giving gifts. Especially the kind that you thought about and you KNOW the other person will love it. The great thing about this is that you practice really listening to each other and then you can surprise your significant other with a gift they wanted. It's fun to see the other person's reaction when you can surprise them like that. It shows how much you actually listen and care about what they say. 

Physical Touch

For no Reason: My boyfriend's secondary language is physical touch. Basically, that means he likes hugs, pats of affection, and other things like that. I like to play with his hair, particularly when he's driving me around. It's an easy way to show you love without being super PDA. 

Hand Holding: Hand holding is the most common thing couples do together, but it often gets forgotten after the first couple of months. If you find that your partner is always instigating the hand-holding, I'd suggest grabbing their hand first every once in a while. The easiest is when you're out for a walk just holding their hand or even when you're going to cross the street. 

The Small Things: It can be anything from sitting close together and intertwining your legs while watching tv or putting your hand on their back when leading them somewhere. 

Quality Time

Take the Time: Consider taking that time and specifically setting it aside for your partner, either to do something special they're interested in or to do something you both enjoy doing. Bonus points for doing it alone together. 

Find Common Ground: This is fun because you get to explore new things together. Go on adventures and try out different things that potentially excite both of you!You can start exploring hobbies and activities together. 

Acts of Service

Doing What They Could Do: We all have our list of things we "usually do" those are a given. Then there are those random tasks that fall in the middle (like the things that don't happen often) so instead of letting your significant other take on the task you do it for them. It can be as simple as changing a light bulb. 

Handle It: Your significant other has been working all week and doesn’t really have time to pay that bill, call up the insurance, or make a doctor’s appointment. Handle it for them. Find ways you can take certain tasks like that off their plate to make their life that much more simple.

Words of Affirmation

Speak Against Lies: It’s so easy for us to tell ourselves that we’re stupid for making a mistake, or that we can’t do it if someone or something discourages us from continuing on in doing what we love. If you catch them saying something you obviously know is a lie, speak against it. Let them know the truth of the matter; tell them why that’s not true. State your case so they have no reason to feel bad for their mistake, give up on what they love, or feel defeated when someone has downed them. Tell them the truth, tell them what they need to hear.

What other suggestions do you have?