Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DIY Rotating Goals List

Hello All!

So I saw this one online and I thought it was pretty freaking cool! Its a really great way of keeping a running to-do list in a more visible way. It helps you move things around in order to prioritize and because of the limited spaces it does not get super long.

What I love about this DIY is that you can easily change your goals by adding or removing Post-Its. Its a lot more tidy and satisfying than just crossing off a list. If you want to change the deadline you can do that pretty easily and there's always another sport for a Post-It note. You can mark when to accomplish your goals by. You can also stick your notes in priority order, making the more pressing goal first. 

Its fairly easy to make as well. You can grab a piece of paper, I suggest card stock so its not as flimsy, and create your own design. Use a Post-It note to measure out the size of each slot and decorate away! You can use many colors and even alternate Post-It note colors. Make sure to include the deadline box so the list has a definitive deadline.

Just hang it by your desk and be motivated in no time!
What's on your goals list?