Friday, January 20, 2017

Night Time Routine

Hello Friends,

I have greatly struggled with finding a night time routine that works well for me. It seems that either its too many products or it doesn't help how it is supposed to. I have finally fallen into a routine that I really like and it helps my skin just how I expected it to help. I particularly like the fact that it is short and not very strong chemical wise.

one// Albolene
This is the best makeup remove ever! It is incredibly gentle when it takes everything off. It leaves the moisture sealed into your face. A little goes a long way The only down side is that you cannot take it off with water so you need to use cotton balls to take off your make up.

This is an amazing soap. It is really geared toward people with acne prone skin. While I don't have a lot of acne it is wonderful for my sensitive skin. It leaves a clean fresh feeling on my skin.

three// Witch Hazel
This cleanser has many, many benefits. Also geared for people with acne, it is actually wonderful for many different things. It helps with redness, irritation, dryness, etc. I like to dab it on with a small piece of cloth or cotton. Then you let it absorb completely.

four// Pond's Cream
Last but definitely not least I use this facial moisturizer. I LOVE the way it smell. It is great for sensitive skin and it really works. You work it into your face from your forehead down and let it absorb. I would say wait a little after the witch hazel so you it won't tingle or sting. This facial cream is my favorite.

What does your night time routine look like?