Friday, January 6, 2017

Pancakes & Pjs

Hello Friends!

In December it was my friend's 21st birthday! So in order to celebrate we took to Pinterest. We looked at many different ideas for birthday parties and finally settled on "Pancakes & Pjs." It had everything we wanted! Very low key, quiet night in, and comfortable. After scouring on Pinterest a little while longer we found some fun pancake recipes and a DIY mimosa bar. We sent out inviations and went full steam ahead. We had 2 days and a very limited budget to get everything we wanted done. But I have to say it was a SUCCESS!

 Here's the party planning committee, we took cute pictures with the 21st balloons. We decided to make the theme a little rustic, have some pink and black. We used brown kraft paper as a table cloth and it was fun to write on. We had a photobooth and lots of balloons.

I blew up all the balloons. We wanted to have all the balloons on the floor because it was a lot of fun, to take pictures with them. I particularly liked the confetti balloons.

We had two different DIY bars.... A craft your own breakfast bar which included pancakes, syrup, fruits, chocolate chips, nutella, peanut butter, cookie butter, bagels, and bacon. It was a great amount of breakfast foods that allowed us to really mix & match our own breakfast.

For the DIY Mimosa bar we had a couple of different steps. It started by choosing your own glass then adding the fruit, pouring some juice and getting the bubbly! It was a great time and the different juices and fruits really added to the fun!

 We had a tres leches cakes! It was wonderful! We added some strawberries and raspberries to the cake in order to add some color. It was a dulce de leche, tres leches cake. It was very moist.

Everyone enjoying the breakfast. It was wonderful because everyone actually came with their Pjs and really got into the spirit of the party.
Party time!