Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tips To Improve Self-Discipline

Hello Friends!

There are many parts of a person that play into how successful they are. There are many personality traits and other things that determine whether a person accomplishes hings, reaches their goals, etc. But I believe that there is one thing that without a doubt makes all these traits successful: Self-Discipline. Luckily it is one thing that we can all work on! I truly believe that although it doesn't come naturally to most people, most of the successful people learned it.

Through hard work and habit-building. I think that just about anyone can become very disciplined. I have learned how to have discipline. And I still have many moments. You can do it!

Commit to it

Commit fully and completely to improving your self-discipline. Think about how much better you'll be and feel. If you don't commit fully, you'll probably end up giving up.

Know your Weaknesses

Everybody has a weakness (or 100). So figure out what your weaknesses, bad habits, negative behaviors are. Decide what you need to change in order to establish your discipline. Create ways to change these things.Make a Plan.

Remove Temptations

Once you've figured out what your weaknesses are, you should remove any temptations necessary to avoid falling back. For example: if you're trying to lose weight and chocolate is your weakness, throw out all of your chocolate and don't buy any more!

Change your Routine

Create an actionable plan, so that you can step-by-step change your routine to achieve your goals. If you want to build new habits and build up your self-discipline, slowly change the things that you do daily. It takes about 30 days to build a habit so just add something new into your routine and fully commit for 30 days. Just make sure to add things slowly not all at once.

Reward Yourself

Research shows that people are more likely to be motivated and disciplined if they have some sort of incentive. Find healthy and frugal ways to reward yourself for reaching your goals. Just make sure that your reward isn't something that will mess with your progress.

Don't Rely on Motivation

Motivation is obviously a great thing. It is super helpful! But you can't rely solely on motivation to get things done. If you do that, you'll never get anything done! To be honest, sometimes you just have to make yourself do things.

Get an Accountability Partner

Finding an accountability partner can be incredibly helpful. This is someone that is reliable to be there for you, to cheer you on, challenge you, celebrate your victories, and most importantly hold you accountable. Find someone who will make sure you do what you need to do and help you achieve your goals.

Be Easy on Yourself

If you aren't always disciplined, don't beat yourself up. We all hit bumps along the way. Nobody is 100% disciplined 100% of the time. Accept your mistakes and move on. Focusing on the negatives will not help you on your journey. It only hurts you and moves you backward.

Am I missing any tips?