Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ways to Organize your Life

Hello Lovelies!

Happy new year!! With a new year we all start working on resolutions and how we want to better our lives. We all want to do the best we can to make the new year the best possible. As I have learned year after year that the only way to really work to getting the resolutions together is to have physical step by step plans.

One of the things I promise myself that I will work on every year is a better organized home and space. Nothing is better than a home that's easy to navigate. Its great to be able to get around your house and office and actually be able to find everything. Here are some steps to take to feel more organized.
Throw away things you don't need
If you haven't used it in over a year then get rid of it!

Create a goal list
Keep yourself on track with a rotating goal list. You can easily track and change your goals with Post-its for an up-to-date board.

Organize your closet
This one is huge for me. Just throw things away and put an order to what you have! It will be the best thing that can ever happen.

Specify a daily junk basket
Having a place to toss your daily junk that doesn't otherwise have a place to be stored helps keep your space de-cluttered. I have a junk drawer, just don't forget to clean it out.

Install bars on bathroom doors
No one likes damp towels and hanging them will keep them out of the way and dry them out. So go ahead and use those walls, install some sleek bars, use them well!

Use a calendar
One of the most obvious things that I constantly hound on. Would it even be an organization list if I didn't mention it?

Organize your pantry
Put the cans with the cans, jars with the jars and all in their place so they are always easy to find.

Create DIY organizational things
Go on pinterest and start identifying things that will help get you organized. A fabric covered bulletin board. Mason jar organizers. Drawer organizers. Charging station. Peg Board.