Friday, February 10, 2017

Fun Out of the Box Valentine's Date Ideas

Hello Friends!

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to go out with your significant other or with a group of friends. I love getting dressed up and going out, but I have to admit, I like staying in too. Especially on Valentine's Day restaurants are always crowded, usually have a pre-fixed menu which I'm never a fan of and it quickly gets old. So today, I thought it would be fun to help you brainstorm "outside the box" ideas for Valentine's Dates! If you are already planning on dinner, no worries! You can pin these and use them for next time.

Have a Day Date

Instead of heading to a fancy dinner, head to lunch at the same place. Plan lunch somewhere and explore that area for coffee or a mid day glass of wine. No one said being romantic had to happen in the evening. You can have a beautiful, sunny day date and it will be less crowded and possibly even more fun! Walking food tours are such a blast.

Eat In

Create a really nice meal together, or you could even invite other people over and have a Valentine's Date Party. Open a bottle of wine, put on some music, light some candles, and cook something fancy that you don't typically have time to make. You could even plan a floor picnic complete with fresh flowers, pillows, and candles.


Have a moive you've been wanting to see? Better yet, a concert, comedy show, performing arts event, etc. Buy some tickets and in lieu of dinner head to the concession stand.

Spa Day

Take a time out for the entire day and spend it together at a spa. This sounds like heaven. Block your whole day off for the ultimate day of relaxation with the one you love, or a group of friends.

Head Outdoors

Visit a new hiking trail and pack a picnic lunch, go play tennis or golf, go be a tourist in your own city. Fresh air beats fresh flowers.

Take a Class

Wine and Design, Cooking, Wine Tasting, Pottery, Dancing, etc. The possibilities are endless. Register for a class together. It will be a great experience and memory for you both.

Do you have any fun ideas?