Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Organizing Your Bathroom

Hello Lovelies,

I know I've been know to say how much I love organizing things. Well this is just an extra step I'm taking at this point in my life. Now you have have clicked this and started laughing to yourself thinking "oh Daphne, what are you getting us into today?" but seriously think about it when was the last time you truly organized your bathroom. Made it really functional. You know what I mean?

one// Stock your medicine cabinet with everything but medicine. Growing up, my parents always kept all our first aid supplies, aspirin, cold medicine, etc. in a cabinet in the kitchen, not the bathroom.

Tips for repurposing your candle jars   keeping them clean:

two// Re-purpose old candles as new storage vessels. Some candles are just too pretty to throw away and this is my favorite way to give them new life. I love being able to re-purpose them, I have a bunch in my bathroom already.

three// Use clear containers to store make up brushes, cotton balls, and Q-tips. You can use the candles that you re-purposed and put your make up brushes in them. All the extra stuff can be stored in their packaging underneath the sink.

four// Keep a small tray on your counter to corral your every day essentials. Okay yes, this can get a little messy, but it helps keep your stuff in one place. This is the best way to keep your essentials to a minimal, as well.

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five// If you don't have space for that tray (like me), add extra shelves to your bathroom. I keep my tray on some extra shelves that I added to my bathroom. Originally, I only had one shelf but as things started accumulating, I needed more space. Since the shelves are open for everyone to see, it is important to keep them tidy.

six// Use a drawer dividers to organize your most worn make up. If unlike mine, your bathroom has drawers, using drawer dividers will be your best friend! Or you could try keeping things organized under your sink.

Do you have any tips?