Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Traveling Better

Hello Friends!

This year I have a surprising amount of trips planned. It is not usual for me to have this many trips planned. I'm hoping to fully get the hang of planning trips a little better. I've been getting help with my trip planning so I've finally figured out some things.

one//know how long to make the trip

This is one of the harder things to figure out. You want to strike the right balance between perfect and too long or too short. Too much time and I end up hitting a wall and burning out. Too little time and I feel rushed to see it all.

Each trip is different. You need to consider where you are going, what there is to do there and who you are going with. Think back on trips you've gone on and try to remember how you were feeling. Did you wish you had two extra days to adjust to the time change? Or did you get travel fatigued by day seven and wanted to pack up by day five?

two// make a real plan

I think this goes hand in hand with the first tip. This is where you do your main research! I always regret it if I don't plan a trip, especially the shorter trips. I need to have something to do if not I get annoyed and bored and nothing gets done.

Depending on the trip, I'll either map out each day or I'll just write down every place I'd like to go. Check out a map!! You want to see how far apart things are and how out of the way they are. Print out the map and label places. Having this map handy can help you decide where to go.

three//pack well

This is incredibly important. I recommend packing for function and practicality. Whenever I don't do this, I regret it. Comfortable shoes. Great bag to carry everything. Weather appropriate clothes. This usually includes a warm enough coat and boots that keep your feet dry. Look at the weather beforehand so you know what you want to pack.

Packing well for me means packing everything I need to feel comfortable, and interchangeable clothes that mix and match well. I am a light packer which means I really like to plan out my outfits for the vacation. Having planned out the trip, I know what I'll need for the trip and it will cut out unnecessary things.

four//pick your priorities

This is a hard one! Every time I travel I feel like I need to do EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, that's impossible. I have to prioritize what is important for the trip and what to leave behind. Usually this is a bigger problem in larger cities and shorter trips. If you're traveling with other people, make sure you know what everyone else wants to prioritize and don't be afraid to make decisions.

You, also, need to prioritize what kind of trip it is. Are you going to do a lot or relax most of the time? How much downtime do you want? How much do you want to see?

five//eat often

You need to remember to eat when you're on vacation. This always happens to me, I start off so strong then by lunch time, I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing and I some times forget to eat. It's just as important even if you're traveling alone. Food. Often. I like to start my mornings with breakfast. It gets everyone in a good mood for the day ahead.

six//unpack well

After a trip, I like to unpack immediately when I return. The worst part of traveling is having to get back into a routine. The first think I do is unpack, then take a shower and go to sleep. Start with laundry, put your toiletries back in their places, return shoes, and store that suitcase. There's nothing worse than having a suitcase and all your stuff lingering around for days.

Do you have traveling tips?