Friday, April 14, 2017

Far Away From Home {Maine}

Hello Friends!

Not too long ago, I talked about going on more adventures and how important it is to make time for adventures. Luckily, this year seems to be filled with adventures for me. I just got back from a week long vacation in Maine. It is definitely a completely different world from home (its freezing), but it was beautiful and I am so glad I visited. I went to see a friend. We then went to the Red Cross Gala of Maine. I would love to share some stories and pictures of some of my adventures.

My wonderful tour guide (read boyfriend) took me around Maine this past week. It was warmer than I expected but colder than home. First we explored Thomaston, Spruce Head Island, Rockland, Camden, and Owls Head. I had a great time. He showed me his fire station

The one thing that I learned (aside from the fact that there's snow on the ground in April) is that Maine takes their lobstering very seriously! There were buoys and lobster traps everywhere. It was very surprising to me because it looked out of a movie. Early in the mornings you can literally buy lobsters off the boats. The lobster really is that amazing there, you have to try it.

You can tell I was very much in love with all the buoys all over the place.  

One of the nights, we went to Old Port. Old Port is the bar, downtown area of Portland. It is a cute cobblestone area, with a bunch of bars and clubs. We even played Pool (played is a term used loosely). I actually got the boy to dance with me. It was a great time.

Fun Fact: Whoopie Pies were invented in Maine. There was a full store that just sold whoopie pies in all shapes and flavors. It was adorable. We found this place while exploring around Freeport. Freeport is where L.L. Bean is located. L.L. Bean is an enormous 5 building store. Totally worth checking out. Then you can walk around the rest of Freeport and enjoy the stores. That same night we had Gala. It was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed meeting all the people the boy works with. 

The following morning we went back to Old Port to visit during the day. We hung out by Casco Bay. After a busy weekend, we headed home and just relaxed Monday. He had a firefighter exam Monday evening so I helped him study, we cooked dinner, and tidied up around the house. Tuesday was my last day in Maine and we went to an Ice Storm exercise with the Red Cross. I really loved my time in Maine and I cannot wait to go back one day (soon).

Where should I go next?