Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Go On An Adventure

Hello Friends!!

I love the type of people that can invite you to go to the trash bin and call it an adventure. Life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed at every level and aspect. While I may not always be the most adventurous person around, I definitely want to challenge myself to adventure more. I always look back with fondness for all my adventures, big and small. They have all shaped who I am today.

While we may not all be the type of person that makes an adventure out of getting the mail, we all can feel the monotony of the "every day". This can take a toll on us. Sometimes you just need a little something to look forward to or to spice up your routine.

I think we often look toward big vacations to save us from daily monotony, and we forget that there are fun adventures all around us, just waiting to be had. If you thought adventure seeking was just for risk takers, thrill seekers, and main characters of fiction books; you've got it work. Adventures are normally made up of a few things: new experiences and the unknown. Adventures are basically a little uncertainty.

Chasing uncertainty, whether it's a day trip, an afternoon at the museum, or a week long trip, is the recipe for adventure. You end up meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing things that are completely new, and coming home with a new awareness. Each adventure changes your life perspective. We can all benefit from consistent adventures, here are some ideas on how to create some more of it in your life:

one// Say YES

Opportunities come up all the time, but many times our safety zone gets the best of us. The next time you are hesitating with an offer to go somewhere or see something, say yes. Try it out.

two// Don't Wait for Anyone Else

While adventures can be the most fun with friends, you could be waiting forever for someone to join. The most fun I had in Boston was walking the Freedom Trail alone. Go with or without them, and often your passion for going will cause people to join you.

three//Make a Location List

I have an extensive bucket list and it primarily consists of places I want to travel. Take some time to write down the top five places you're dying to explore. What happens when you do this, is that you start planning a concrete step for your future adventures.

four// Look Up

If you're always looking down you'll miss the world around you. There are so many things happening and so many opportunities you'll miss. Eyes up, that's where the adventure is.

five// Try Something New

Adventures are all about experiences, not necessarily about locations. So, look for a class, workshop, park, anything that could force you out of your norm and into something new.

How do you adventure?