Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How To Pack a Carry-On Suitcase

Hello Travelers!

Lately I've had the great luck to hit the skies and explore new places. Since most of my trips are on the shorter side of things, I haven't wanted to waste time at the check in counter or the baggage claim waiting for luggage that may or may not arrive with me.

I try my best to pack the best, most useful carry-on when I'm off on an adventure. I like to separate it all into different groups, and create packing lists. Here's what I usually try to bring.

The Essentials

The necessary "boring" things. Travel documents or medication you may need. You'll also need your passport, money, any visa info, hotel info, car rental and such. I highly recommend writing down or printing out the details of where you'll be staying and where you need to go. I always assume that my phone will work, but chances are that its running low on battery after a flight. I try to keep all the documents in my purse or backpack in a nice place all together so you don't lose any of the information.


Toiletries are difficult to travel with. Especially now with all the different TSA regulations. There are really a couple of things you need, many hotels nowadays will supplement whatever you forget so don't stress. I like to have hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, and hand lotion handy on a plane, because its the best way to feel refreshed after a long flight. The other thing I'd absolutely bring on a plane with me is lip balm. Some other good things to travel with are travel-sized contact solution, sunscreen, face masks, and lotion.


Plane rides can be loooong and boring. Some times there's a ton of people moving around and walking and you just need to be able to hide in your own world. Noise-cancelling headphones are, also, a great thing to bring along. I personally love to bring books with me and I just read all the time. I know some people like to pre-download TV shows or movies in order to get some in air entertainment. Taking a nap is always a great idea. Don't forget to pack your phone and laptop charger!!


If you're only bringing a carry-on suitcase and purse you definitely want to try to pack your suitcase as versatile as possible, with many different clothes options to mix and match. If you are traveling with a checked bag you want to bring extra underwear and change of clothes in your carry on. You also want to bring something to keep you warm on the plane like fuzzy socks and a sweater (which can double as a pillow). Packing some snacks, like granola bars or trail mix help make trips more enjoyable.
What do you pack in your carry-on?