Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Things to Consider When You Choose Your Next Desitnation

Hello Friends!

This year has been pretty travel heavy for me and its not looking like it will stop anytime soon. From skiing in Virginia, to Ohio, to Maine, and eventually I'll be in Ocala, Fl then North Carolina and Boston. Now when it comes to traveling the million dollar question is "How do you choose where to go next?" This is something my boyfriend and I have been having a particularly hard time. We want to go somewhere fun for our anniversary, but choosing a place is incredibly hard! These are somethings that we have considered when looking for a place to go.

one// Your Travel Budget

This is the first thing you want to determine! This takes place in two parts. First, you need to figure out how much money you have to spend on the trip. Come up with one number, but remember that it needs to cover EVERYTHING!! That includes airfare, lodging, food, and any other activities you want to do. Secondly, once you pick the destination you need to figure out how much you're spending on airfare and lodging vs. activites and food. Depending on how far you go the airfare might go down and you'll have more money for your events there.

two// Your Lodging Preference

Nowadays there are many options when it comes to travel lodging. There are hotels, hostels, and online hospitality services (Airbnb). The tricky part is deciding which of the three is best for you. If you don't plan on spending much time in your room a hostel or airbnb might be a good options. Usually, this involves shared sleeping spaces and bathrooms. Hotels tend to be more expensive, but they have the advantage of privacy. If you open an account with a hotel you use often you can start accumulating points which can help lower costs. Some cities have apartments for rent, if you are going somewhere for longer those are usually the best option They give you the privacy and the option to cook for yourself. This is a great option for traveling in Europe or South America.

three// Your Travel Purpose

This is incredibly important! Its always the big debate: city vs beach or mountains. What do you want to do? Do you want to check out a city and all the culture that comes along with it? Or is this vacation more about relaxation? Do you want it to be heavy on the outdoor activities? Or be a tourist in a city? Other factors, also, come into play. You may want to see historical sites such as monuments or pyramids. You might want to be active. Deciding what you want out of your vacation is the best way to narrow your list of possible destinations.

four// Your People Tolerance

This is important when considering seasons of travel. Depending on the location they will have different high seasons and low seasons. If you don't have a problem with large crowds and long lines, then go for it during high seasons. But if you're like me and try to avoid crowds as much as possible, you might want to opt for something more off the beaten path or go during low seasons. This usually means summers or holidays are off the table for vacations and travel.

five// Your Travel Party

This is a huge thing to think about! You want to be mindful of whom is traveling with you. If you're going solo, then the choice is all yours. Things get more complicated with family or friends. I find that having a plan laid out when you go with family and friends will make it a more enjoyable trip. When you go with family, you'll want a destination that features more family-friendly activities. Traveling with friends opens up other options.Ask others for opinions and try to come up with fun things for everyone.

Where are you off to next?