Friday, June 16, 2017

101 in 1001 Part 2

Hello Friends,

Earlier this year I finished my first 101 things in 1001 days. It was a very fun journey. I have to say I learned a lot about myself and the different things I am capable of doing. As someone with an incredibly long bucket list, I think this is such a fun way to set goals and watch things get ticked off. So after a lot of careful deliberation I came up with my list.

Start: June 16, 2017
End: March 13, 2020

  1. Read at least half of the books on this list
  2. Drink at least 8 cups of water every day for a month
  3. Move out on my own
  4. Find a workout routine I love & can stick to
  5. List 10 things I'm grateful for, everyday for a month
  6. Get my Passport
  7. Survive my first winter
  8. Throw my first dinner party
  9. Do a polar plunge
  10. Attend a ballet
  11. Learn to drive stick shift
  12. Meal Plan
  13. Travel by myself
  14. Get a gun permit
  15. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers just because
  16. Watch a Broadway show
  1. Learn my way around Boston
  2. Do something touristy
  3. Find a church I like
  4. Get involved with the Red Cross
  5. Get involved with Junior League
  6. Watch a baseball game
  7. Find a brunch spot
  8. Get dressed up for a party
  9. Take a food tour
  10. Explore Cape Cod
  11. Make a snowman
  12. Pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in the fall
  13. Take a fall foliage trip

  1. Go on a trip to Asia
  2. Visit my friend in London
  3. Stay in a B&B in the Northeast
  4. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  5. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga
  6. Explore Boston
  7. Ride on a sailboat
  8. Discover ten new restaurants
  9. Go to Disney
  10. Invest in a travel Duffle Bag
  11. Go on a yoga retreat
  12. Eat at Doctor Who theme restaurant in NYC 
  13. Visit NYC
  14. Travel by train
  15. Go to Argentina

Family & Friends:

  1. Have a weekend trip with my sisters
  2. Call Abuela at least once a month for 6 months
  3. Make someone I love breakfast in bed
  4. Give five "just because" gifts
  5. Go to my sister's graduation
  6. Sky dive with my sisters
  7. Make dinner for my family
  8. Send out Christmas cards
  9. Knit my mom a blanket
  10. Have a New Year's Eve kiss
  11. Go to a wedding
  12. Travel to spend holidays with my family
  1. Get a job in my career field
  2. Get my Master's
  3. Set up a retirement account
  4. Own my own domain
  5. See a TED Talk Live
  6. Get help with my resume
  7. Learn to interview better
  8. Get a credit card with good flight rewards
  9. Back-up all my pictures
  10. Take a class in HTML
  11. Create a budget and stick to it
  12. Practice networking
  13. Create a better post writing schedule
  14. Get a headshot
  15. Upgrade my camera
  1. Find the perfect LBD
  2. Invest in good make up
  3. Invest in a classic handbag
  4. Clean out my closet
  5. Find the perfect foundation
  6. Get a facial
  7. Own personalized stationary
  8. Buy workout sneakers
  9. Find pants I like
  10. Own more "going out" clothes
  11. Have my make up professionally done
  12. Invest in 3 classic closet pieces
  13. Perfect my nighttime routine
Just for fun
  1. Learn how to do calligraphy
  2. Get my handwriting analyzed
  3. Take a pottery class
  4. Attempt a juice cleanse
  5. Wade in cranberry bog
  6. Toss pizza dough in air
  7. Stay out all night
  8. Take a Barre class
  9. Try SoulCycle
  10. Go to a bonfire
  11. Try "Painting with a Twist"
  12. Take a self-defense class
  13. Try acupuncture
  14. Professional body massage
  15. Go to a Drive-in Movie
  16. Put $5 in my bank account for each thing I accomplish!
  17. Create a third 101 in 1001

What's on your 101 in 1001?