Monday, June 12, 2017

Lusting After Laptop Stickers

Hello Friends!

So I got a new laptop (my old one imploded internally). I had great stickers on my old laptop and I really wanted new ones for my new laptop. As my sister mentioned: I'm "too old" for laptop sticker so I plan on put them on this laptop case. That way if I go somewhere more "serious" I won't have a ton of stickers on my laptop! That being said here are some of my favorites that I'm looking to get.

Friends: OF COURSE!!!

I love this song! Its a good thing to remember

This is one of my favorite shows and it totally captures my life

This is me. At all times.

Totally obsessed with this show! I wish I could have made it to a Luke's Diner

Such a perfect saying for life

My Obsession, Always

Always a good life motto

Which are your favorite Stickers?