Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Things You're Probably Forgetting To Bring On A Plane

Hello Friends!!

Lately, I have the good fortune of being able to travel a lot to many different places. I have really enjoyed traveling, but in all of that there will be times I am stuck in an airport for what feels like forever or in a flight that is much too long. Throughout those different waiting games I've noticed a couple things that I find myself vying for but ultimately forgetting many times.

one// A portable battery pack

Obviously we all try our best to remember to back a phone charger, but what if you can't find an outlet? Now I know what you're all thinking "Daphne, they now have charging stations" yes, but how many times are those all completely taken? And then you're the weirdo that sits on the floor that everyone looks at (yes, that is me at all airports). Just make sure that you have your battery pack charged the night before.

two// Fuzzy Socks

This is one that try my best to always pack! Airports are really cold and so are planes. Fuzzy socks are the best way to get comfy and warm. Having a sweater and socks will be amazing for naps if needed. Trust me on this! Never forget your fuzzy socks.

 three// Noise-Canceling Headphones

Now this might sound crazy, but I am actually one of those people that forget to bring headphones. Typically this is because I like to read on planes. But lately with some of the late night airport stays or plane trips, It would be nice to have noise-canceling headphones or earplugs because I would like to get some sleep. They really are perfect to fully ignore the world around you.

four// Snacks!!!

Airport food is ridiculously expensive!! A Burger King meal for one cost me 10 BUCKS!!! How come a granola bar in the airport is the same amount of money has a meal in McDonald's outside the airport. Why must you punish me?? Now I won't lie I've had some pretty delicious food, like amazing hot chocolate in Newark

So you need a couple of combos that never fail:
Something Salty (like chips or pretzels)
Something savory (like a sandwich)
Something healthy-ish (like a granola bar or nuts)
Something sweet (like a bar of chocolate)

Take everything out of their original packages and put them in a separate ziploc baggie (you don't need to unwrap granola bars). They really don't take up that much room! Don't fall victim to the airport snack trap.

What do you travel with?