Friday, June 23, 2017

Visiting the Queen City (Charlotte)

Hello Friends!

This past week I got to spend some time in Charlotte. It was a lot of fun. The purpose of the trip was actually a conference. Luckily, I got there a day early so I had plenty of time to explore. With some suggestions from my Uber driver, friends, and Google; I decided to make my way Uptown! It was so much fun!

The airport is cool. I seem to always have interesting flying times. No matter where I go or when, something weird happens to me. TSA in Charlotte was strange, the flight to Charlotte had crazy people yelling, and the flight home was delayed 2 hours! It was an adventure for sure.

In Uptown I stopped by a super cool coffee place called Coco's Design. It was very well and interestingly decorated. I had a fun time exploring it. My uber driver suggested I head over to Plaza Midwood for some more of the artist community! I went to Midwood Smokehouse and it was AMAZING! I'd highly recommend it. 

While walking around I did get to explore Plaza Midwood. I stopped in this super cute icecreamery. Called Two Scoops. It doesn't look like much on the inside, but it is amazing. The ice cream is homemade and the people are so kind. 

Where are you all traveling this summer?