Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Best Traveling Shoes

Hello Friends!

I love traveling!! It is so fun! There are so many things to see, people to meet, and adventures to have. I even love the traveling aspect of traveling. By that I mean I love getting to airports, going on planes, and people watching along the way. One of the most important things on travel days in what you wear! You want something comfortable and cozy. I usually try to wear the bulkier stuff so it doesn't take up as much room in my luggage.

First and foremost I think you should wear shoes you ALREADY own and love and have broken in. Don't bother trying to buy a new pair of shoes. Even if it's a sneaker. At the very least, give yourself a few weeks to break them in and test them out before committing to a trip. I believe that comfortable shoes can make or break a trip.

Tennis Shoes

One of my favorite shoes for traveling are plain black tennis shoes. Some people like white tennis shoes and believe either works perfectly. They're comfortable, go with everything, and take little time to break in. They are chicer than sneakers, to play down your touristy feel. These are also great

Ballet Flats

These are my go-to. I have had many over the year. Very few pass the test of long walking days. You really have to work through the breaking in point to see if they make it. I personally love the Sperry's slip on ones. They survive the rain and long walks, so it's perfect! You really want to figure which work best for you. I try to pack neutral colors like black or nude.


These are the ones you have to be most sure about when taking somewhere. They must be broken-in. Everyone has different preference and comfort so make sure you find one you like. The one thing I have to make sure when I'm traveling is that my toes are done. I like sandals because they go with everything!


Now I wouldn't normally recommend traveling in boots, but yes when it is necessary. It is a massive pain to travel with them, especially during TSA, but totally worth it. Imagine how much room the boots take up in your luggage. And your feet will be warm as you travel. Just remember the boots must be broken it! You will be very uncomfortable if not.

What do you wear to shop?