Friday, July 14, 2017

Mini Book Gifts {What I Love About You}

Hello Loves,

I wanted to share something a little more personal today. I guess I'm on a roll this week!! Tomorrow is my boyfriend and my anniversary. We are celebrating our first year together. Since we currently find ourselves on opposite sides of the country, we will not be able to celebrate together. We are instead doing a skype date at some point. Naturally the countdown until I do see him again is up and running! I wanted to share a little craft that I ran across and really loved.

So, I am sort of a gift fanatic! I love trying to find something that a person will love and find useful. Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that last or keep going and going:

For instance:

Why give the gift of one date night when you can plan out 12 Months of Dates?
Why give one birthday gifts when you can give 30 Gifts to Celebrate 30 Years?
Why share just one thing you love about someone, when you can share 26 things you love about them?

Since we are celebrating one year together I decided to create that last example into a mini-book gift. We wanted to keep it simple, nothing too fancy. Save the fanciness for when we are together. I'm going to give you a little sneak peak inside my book, but it's awesome because you can really make it your own.

Tips for Making Your Own

one// Print on high quality cardstock paper

Be sure to print in your printer's highest quality setting. I recommend using cardstock so that the mini-book will stand the test  of time. I also used some stickers and washi tape to decorate the pages. Even Sammy helped me craft (read: attacked my crafting supplies).

two// Write a rough draft

Before I filled out my A to Z mini-cared, I actually wrote out the letters A to Z down the side of a piece of paper, and I drafted out what I wanted to say. I took my time with this over a couple of days as new ideas popped into my head. I made edits and changes. This worked out perfectly because when I was finally writing them out, I didn't need to reprint a single page!

three// Be specific and write with a voice

As you write, challenge yourself to be specific in your affirmations; that way, they will hold even more weight. Don't hold back from allowing your natural writer's voice to shine through. This is the perfect opportunity to be personal and lighthearted. 

For example with the letter "T" 

                    "Teacher: Thank you for teaching me new things."

Now with some added detail:

                     "Teacher: For the way you patiently showed me how to fix and set up the internet on my                        laptop"

Using the more conversational tone with the details, not only brings up memories of something specific, but it helps demonstrate your point. It is a lot more personal.

four// How to deal with that pesky letter "X"

Feel free to "bend" the rules a little bit when it comes to tricky letters. You might want to choose a word that almost starts with the letter "X".
  • eXcitable
  • eXcuberant
  • eXpressive
  • eXpert
  • eXtraordinary
  • eXplorer
  • eXpedient
  • fleXible

five// How to deal with that pesky letter "Q"

I wanted to give a couple of ideas for "Q" as well because it can be a tricky one. I actually used "Quiet" for mine. Here are some other "Q" words. Don't hesitate to use a phrase.
  • Quick to _________
  • Quick witted
  • Quirky
  • Quiet
  • Quite ______
  • Questioning
  • Quality
  • eloQuent
  • inQuisitive 
  • uniQue
six// Assembly & Binding

Cut and hole-punch each mini-card, then carefully place them in order with any additional personalization. Then bind the book together using a binder ring (like I did) or you could use twine or ribbon. 

seven// Consider adding divider pages
If you want to fatten up your book a bit you can add an extra page between each letter, you can decorate the letter with scrapbook paper or pictures together. Its also great to add blank pages at the beginning for a "To, From" section and a little personalized note with the year and occasion. 

I LOVED making this mini-book, I'm definitely excited to try out some more.

What did you do for your anniversary?