Monday, July 3, 2017

Packing the Perfect Summer Bag

Hello Friends!

Summer is in full swing! This means beach, pool, and lots of outdoor activities! I LOVE summertime. I am not huge about being outside (I'm working on it), but I do enjoy a nice, long day at the beach. Between popping into the office, running errands, and getting ready for the fall I want to take advantage of my beach days as much as possible! In order to do this; I've been keeping my beach bag packed. That way I don't have to run around trying to remember things, and I can just grab my bag and head to the beach!


A sturdy tote is the most important. I really prefer something with a zipper and a pocket inside so sand does not get into your valuables. A good tote can hold are your supplies. I've been using a similar one to this one lately. 


I LOVE beach towels! They are great because of their large size. I like that I can lay down and not be on the sand. My favorites are these patterned ones. They are pretty good because they soak up water well, they can be cute, and they fold up easy to put in your tote.


Coverups are essential! Down here in Florida, you see people walking around in coverups all the time. The beach is such a large part of the life down here that it's easy to see people walking from one water activity to the other. 

Hair Ties

There are literally not enough hair ties in the world to satisfy my needs.  Especially when it comes to water activities, I like to keep some extra in hand for when my hair decides to do whatever it pleases. I like to keep an extra stash in case I lose, or break mine.


This is the perfect time to break away from what you are doing, whether studying for school or reading for work. I like to bring my for fun books, the ones that make it to my Book Club posts. I like to keep a book on hand every time I head to the beach or pool.

Water Bottle

This is probably the number one most important thing to bring. The sun dehydrates you, and to help avoid that you need to drink enough water. I typically bring my camelback (everywhere), I know some of the swell ones are really great. Yeti also keeps water cold for a long time.


I need to keep applying sunscreen or else I'll burn. That's kind of it. I found this awesome one that has aloe in the sunscreen. It is a lot more soothing. It is also good for sensitive skin, so I can use it on my face and body. Since I'm usually going for a while I like to have more SPF for the midday, and less SPF later on in the late afternoon.


If you ever see me walking around outside, you'll see sunglasses sitting on the top of my head. I never leave the house without them. This is important to have protection for your eyes. They are also important for being able to read books by the water. I really love these new ones that Warby Parker just released. 


This is a big one for my mom. It helps her avoid getting extra freckles. I don't tend to wear hats, but they are never a bad idea to have!

What are your summer essentials?