Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Nail Colors

Hello Friends!!

I love doing my nails. I'm pretty sure this is something I talk about often on here, yet I feel like its been a while since sharing my favorite colors in the season. I love the bright nail polishes that pop up during the summertime. I've never been a red nail kind of girl, but slightly orangey or purple is right up my alley. 

This summer I've been alternating between a soft pink, a light purple, or a brighter orange based hue! I like to do my own nails, so I've picked up a few new colors. One of the most important things about doing your own nails is having the right utensils, like a good top coat. I'm usually going for the Essie Gel Couture or Sally Hansen Top Coat. Its also important to have the right tools for the job.

For the summer Essie launched their new Gala Collection. They have some really fun colors like V.I. Please and Living Legend. They're also perfect for your toes!

I also looked at their new TLC line that they relaunched with more color impact. I wasn't a fan of the sheerness previously. I like having some vibrancy and opaqueness in my colors even the lighter shades. The TLC in Treat Me Bright. Its nicer because you can get a few extra days of wear out of it. 

I also love light purples. I've been wearing Do you Lilac It? so much over the summer and spring. I really like the way light purples look on my fingers. My sister has been experimenting with white nail polish instead of a toned down color, but I can't decide if its a trend I want to attempt quite yet. 

What are your favorites now?