Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tips for Feeling Fresh While You're Traveling

Hello Friends!!

So lately, I've had some pretty horrible, long days of traveling. There's so much waiting in the airport or sitting around on a place. Its a lot of stress, worry, sweating, waiting, annoyance, etc. and by the end of the day all I want to feel FRESH!! I mean, shower or warm bath and ready for bed. I want some cozy pajamas and a good book. Unfortunately, those things aren't available in the middle of the airport or on a taxi. But there are some things you can do to stay looking and feeling fresh all day long.

one// Layer your scents

 I like to shower the night before traveling. I tend to leave early for my flights (my next one is scheduled for 6am). I like Using the same shower gel (soap) and lotion. This helps keep the scent going for longer. If I don't know I'm in for a long trip, I will always travel with a "perfume stick."

two// Bring deodorant in your purse or travel bag

I always, always, always keep a mini-size stick of deodorant in my purse when I travel! It's always so tough when you're running from one taxi to the airport or between planes, lugging around luggage in and out of cars, etc. and it soooo gross after! Having the deodorant or some dryer sheets was fantastic and a quick way to feel better.

three// Bring mouthwash

This is another quick thing to slip in your purse. A small bottle of mouthwash can totally transform your travel. It will make your mouth and breath feel and smell fresh, which fighting bacteria! It is essential after all the coffee. 

four// Bring travel-sized bottles

I stole this idea from my boyfriend. I bought these bottles from Amazon so that I could easily transport lotion, body wash, perfume, and even make up. I really like these, because they are so versatile and have many different uses. Honestly, there's so many uses for your bottles.

five// Bring hand-sanitizer

This is a pretty important one for me. It's not that I'm a germaphobe or anything, but you just touch. SO. MANY. THINGS!!!! Sometimes some hand-sanitizer can help with the icky feeling. Its also nice to bring a hand lotion so that you can moisturize afterward.

If you have any additional tips for staying fresh on a travel day, I'd love to hear it!! Let me know in the comments.