Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Air Show

Hello, Y'all!

This past weekend I finally went to an Air Show! It was AWESOME!! My wonderful boyfriend took me to the air show. I had never been to one before and I would 10/10 recommend. It was a beautiful day, plenty of sun and breeze. We got to see the Blue Angels in action. They are absolutely breathtaking.

He actually works on this plane! It is the LifeFlight of Maine.

Look at the Blue Angels!!!

We got to see an F16 in action, then take a picture with it!

Have you ever been to an Air Show?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sweet Home Florida

Hello, Y'all!

Today I'm getting sentimental with you all. On Thursday, I officially flew up north to start my move to Boston. This Friday, I'll be moving into a brand-new, big girl apartment! Its crazy to think that this is officially happening. I wanted to take a moment to look back at my beloved Florida, who has been my home for so many years. I cannot see myself leaving my Sunshine State behind for too long. It's "I'll see you later, not goodbye."

From the north of Florida in the caverns to Orlando in central Florida, to my home down in south Florida. I am lucky enough to have grown up in a state that has varied things for me to experience. Florida is vast and beautiful, I know I still have so much more of it to experience. Here are a couple of my favorite places.

Looking forward to finding my library

The Northeast isn't the only place with lighthouses

My favorite desserts that I'm going to MISS so much!

Beautiful view of my City at 42 stories up.

I am excited about my new life. I can't wait to see what the Northeast has to offer. It will be an exciting new change. With different seasons to experience not just (dry and wet season).


Friday, August 25, 2017

Sammy On The Move

Hello, Friends!!

Well, yesterday marked the start of my crazy move from Florida to Boston. Something that everyone has been wondering since I first announced my move is: "Is Sammy coming with you?" Now, this is not something that I thought was going to happen when I first got Sammy, but moving with a cat is a whole other life experience.

I never gave it a second thought, of course, Sammy was going to live with me. Of course, I was going to take him with me for the next two years and then to wherever else life brings us. Sammy and I are a team. We depend on each other.

Now all of that being said traveling with a car is HARD. It's extra hard when your cat is scared of everything like mine is. There's a lot of things you need to do to prepare your cat for the trip. Things that I didn't even think of. Luckily, my Glittle is studying to be a vet and has a cat so I could call her for all the advice.

I decided to share my experience on traveling with my cat. And I mean a 45 min car ride, 2 planes, 1 layover, a 2-hour car ride once we landed, and then showing up in an unfamiliar home. It was by no means an easy task and I'm pretty sure Sammy hates me forever now.

one//Uptodate Name Tag

Make sure your cat has an updated name tag. Your cat's name and your most current phone number should be on there. I got this adorable fish name tag from Pugs2Persian. I love it and it looks very stylish on Sammy.

two//Practice using a Harness

Sammy HATES his harness. He's okay with the collar but despises the harness. Now you're thinking why does he need a harness? To go through TSA. You need to be able to hold your cat while walking through the x-ray scanner and his carrier will go in the scanner with the bags. I needed to practice putting on his harness so he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable the traveling day or the day I took him to the vet. I got him this harness.

three//The Right Carrier

You want to get the right carrier that fits under the seats on your airline. You also want to get it early so your cat can mark his/her territory in the carrier. We put treats inside it and took out the padding so Sammy could rub himself all over the padding and it would smell like him, not new carrier smell.

four//Booking your Ticket

I flew Southwest! But whichever airline you choose, I'd suggest booking the ticket while talking on the phone with them. You want to make sure that they have enough room for your pet in the cabin. Many airlines restrict a number of animals that can fly in the cabin in one flight. Talking to them while booking your flight ensures that you can already reserve your seat with a pet! They were SO helpful throughout the flight.

five//Visiting the Vet

Some airlines and states are very particular about letting animals fly in and out of the state. Because of this, you might (should) get a Health Certificate. I lucked out with Southwest because they don't ask for it, but I got one just in case. You will want to call the USDA and ask them what the regulations are depending on which state you are traveling out of and which you are traveling into. It's a whole other ball game for international travel. I flew into New Hampshire, their regulations aren't very strict, so a check up was enough. The vet was helpful in answering questions to ease my anxiety about taking my cat on a plane(s). He helped me through the process. I would suggest asking lots of questions, especially if you're interested in maybe sedating your cat for the trip.


Very important: your cat has to be awake and alert to go through TSA. I would suggest flying early in the morning or late at night in order to avoid extreme temperatures and long TSA lines. At 4:30 am, there was no one in line so I could take my time getting Sammy out of the carrier and through the x-ray. If you feel uncomfortable, ask if they have a private room to take out your cat (not all airports have one). TSA was super patient and kind with me and Sammy. It was the fastest I'd ever gone through security.

seven//The Plane

The plane can be a terrifying experience. I was praying that Sammy wouldn't start crying at full volume while mid-air. Turns out the engine noise and vibration really soothed him. I put my foot or hand next to the carrier and he'd sleep up against it. I was going to put him on my lap to make him feel more secure, but I found that he felt the safest while on the floor.

eight//The Layover

Unfortunately, I had a nearly 2-hour layover and Sammy had peed himself (he was angry with me). So I went into a family bathroom, put the leash on him, let him loose, while I dried out his carrier. This really taught me that you should travel with baby wipes and plastic baggies. I put some of his comfort items that were smelly and wet into a baggie and wiped down his carrier inside. After he got some time to explore the bathroom, he willingly went back into the carrier. Sammy LOVES to people watch so I'd set the carrier on the table and angle him to watch all the hustle and bustle. 

Do you have any tricks for traveling with a cat?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Early Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Hello All!

We are getting close to that time of year where it is starting to get into autumn. Now as you all know, I'm moving to Boston, which means that I officially getting fall colors and wardrobe. It's the perfect time to start transitioning our wardrobes, putting away our bikinis and start pulling out the sweaters and plaid. From what I've heard it is still too warm to start layering clothing on. I am SOOO excited for my first fall. September is right around the corner and I can't wait to do all the fall activities, including the clothing.

For the transition wardrobe, it's a perfect time to mix in some of the brighter summer tones into the autumn colors. You can pair shorts with some light sweaters. This time of year is all about hot and cold weather so we can get funky with our wardrobe! It is all about color in the early stages of Fall. Looking at some olive green, tan, camel, navy, cream, cranberry, and mustard yellow. Some more of the layering will be left for October. 

There's some great accessories that can help with the transitioning. Changing up the right colors for some more earthy/neutral tones. I am so excited to go up north for some color changing leaves. Here are some of my favorites.






What's in your fall wardrobe?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fourth Time's the Charm? Bama Bound!

Hello Y'All!

Well at this point I have taken you all through all our Alabama adventures. Year 1-3. As usual this trip was different from last year's trip. We decided to stop in Northern Florida to explore the caverns. The other major difference was that we dropped off both my sisters at college.

They currently go to school together for the first time in their lives. I'm very excited for them and the new adventure they're embarking. One is going into her first year and the other into her fourth year!

We moved one of my sisters into her house. The other one moved into a dorm. They live fairly close to each other!

We also went to the Birmingham area for the first time ever. We drove past the massive Mercedes-Benz factory. We, also made at pitstop at Costco.

My sister took us to CookOut, which is amazing! Everyone should go to CookOut.  On Sunday, my sisters took us to their church (its HUGE and beautiful). We then went to brunch. I had the most amazing French Toast Pound Cake!

Saturday Morning, we went to a farmer's market. The farmer's market was beautiful and on the river. It was full of family and dogs. All sorts of artisans were there selling their goodies. We bought delicious, homemade cinnamon buns. The honey was delicious!

Do you have an annual road trip?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Road Trip Hacks

Hello, all!

This is our fourth year traveling to Alabama by car, and traveling to a couple of different states with my family, so I feel a little like a road trip expert. Now I use the term expert loosely. I just picked up a couple of things that work for us and hopefully they can make for a stress free trip for you all!

one// Pack a first aid kit

You might not have any injuries while on the trip, but you never know when you could need a band-aid. Its convenient to have these types of things handy, just in case something were to happen. Better safe than sorry.

two// Pack a cooler!

This one is incredibly important. On road trips we try to avoid extra pitstops. Stopping for snacks is the most time consuming stop. Having some waters, sandwiches, or other cooler items. We packed ours full of food and managed to cut down several hours from our trip.

three// Pre-Pack Snacks

Make a list of different favorite snacks and pack them in the car. You can portion them off into little packets or just leave them in their original packaging. This helps with the less stopping and keeps everyone happy.

four// Individual cutlery

Pre-packaging individual forks, knives, napkins into a ziploc baggie. Each person gets their own baggies, to wipe off from eating snacks or other food. Eating on the go is much easier like this.

five// DIY Smart Phone Holder

Now a smart phone holder is super important for GPS lately. You can use a binder clip and a rubber band to create your own phone holder! Perfect for hands-free phone use.

six// Bring entertainment

Whatever it may be bring something for everyone's entertainment. We like to make our own playlist. My sister brought a kindle to play (or read) on. Each person has their own things as entertainment. We also play the license plate game.

seven// Blankets, blankets, and more blankets

Even though the car is temperature controlled it is cold! People take naps in the back of the car. For comfort, I'd suggest packing plenty of blankets.

What road trip hacks you have?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Exploring the Florida Underground

Hello, Friends!

If you have seen my Instagram recently, you would have seen that I spent some time in some caverns the other day. As part of our annual trip to Alabama, we decided to stop in a little town in North Florida to explore the Florida Caverns. I had never been in a cavern before.

The cavern tour was my mom's idea. We broke up the trip into two legs in order to fit in our cavern tour. We pre-planned our stop, pre-ordered our tickets and were all set for the night tour. We decided to go for the 1.5-2 hour night flashlight tour.

The tour guide turns off all the lights inside the cavern then we "hike" about half a mile to the cavern entrance and basically crawl in. There is this sign on your walk up to the cabin where the tours start.

After a quick orientation about the caverns, we were free to explore! It was awesome. We crawled through some small spaces and narrow hallways. It was fun to hear about how the caverns were discovered. My sisters and I took a TON of pictures.

The next day we completed our trip to Alabama to drop off both my sisters in college. They are currently going to school together for the first time ever. They also live 8 blocks away from each other. Keep an eye out for my Bama Trip post that's coming up (yep, E you were right!).

Have you ever been in a cavern?