Friday, August 11, 2017

11 Roadtrip Essentials for Your Next Trip

Hello All!

Yesterday we started our official, annual road trip to Alabama! This means we had to pack up the car with ALL the essentials for our 14-hour trip. This year we broke it up into two days so we could enjoy some sightseeing. By the time you're reading this we will be at our destination!

Road trips require a lot of things and preparation. The weekend before we left, my sisters and I made a list of all the snacks we wanted to bring along. The week before that my little sister made us a playlist for the ride. There are many things to keep into consideration for a road trip.

Obviously, there are some things you can't get away with not bringing along. You must have your ID, car keys, full tank of gas, and all the stuff you're moving. I wanted to share some things that you need as a driver and passenger in road trips. Granted, there tends to be overlap between the two.

As the Driver

one// a comfy travel outfit

I definitely respect people that get all dressed up to travel, and I wish I could pull it off, but I end up driving myself crazy. While I am not a person that dresses in sweatpants or PJs to travel, I still try to be comfortable. I'll opt for something warm and airy, like leggings or jeans. Loose Tees are important as well in the outfit decision. I usually opt for sneakers or boat shoes to keep my feet warm.

two// caffeine

I love coffee and it keeps me up, but it also makes me need to stop for the bathroom too many times. Instead of coffee, I opt for tea. Now I've learned this the hard way: pack the tea bags and just order hot water instead!

three// sunglasses

I never leave my house without sunglasses. Living in Florida pretty much trains you to always have sunglasses with you. Even on super overcast days, the clouds will break and the sun is all in your face. Sunglasses are essential!

four// a good playlist

My sisters are the BEST at this. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty horrible at music stuff. This year we are doing a Spotify playlist, we all had to submit song options then my sisters made a playlist for the ride. I definitely would recommend a book on tape if not. On previous trips, we've played Harry Potter or other books. Both are the best options to keep you alert on the road especially if you're traveling alone. If you aren't alone then you need to have an alert co-pilot to keep you on track.

five// car phone charger

This is essential!! Since we use phones as GPS and music and all sorts of other things, so we need to make sure we are fully charged. We are many phones traveling together so we got a multiple port phone charger for the trip. If not, then definitely keep multiple of the one phone chargers in the car, in case one stops working or anything else goes wrong.

six// gum

Gum is definitely a great way to stay alert and awake. Keeping some in the car for the driver and the passengers is a great way to go. It keeps your breath feeling fresh and for some reason, I always feel more alert when chewing gum. I wouldn't suggest chewing the entire trip though! 

seven// water bottle

Like my sunglasses, I never leave home without a water bottle. I love my orange CamelBak! We packed lunch, snacks, and plenty of water. We don't always realize how dehydrated we get while sitting in the car driving. Lots of people like the glass bottles because they do not have harmful chemicals when they get hot.

eight// snacks

We don't like to stop many times on the trip and we have very particular favorite snacks. We pack all sorts of things, especially things we can't find on the road. I know we probably eat a lot out of boredom, but I'm constantly hungry on the road. Definitely, make a list of the snacks you want so you can pack exactly what you're craving.

as the passenger

one// hand sanitizer

SUPER important! You're going to stop at kinda gross places, you'll be eating, and moving around the car, so you definitely want to have hand sanitizer. I always have some in my purse, but I'd recommend packing some extra hand sanitizer.

two// jackets or sweatshirts

Cars are cold!! My hands always freeze while I'm driving, but as a passenger, I need the sweater or jacket. You can also throw it on like a blanket if you decide to take a nap. 

three// pillow

This is a debated essential. My mom claims that the passengers are supposed to entertain the driver, but sometimes as the passenger, I know I need a nap. Especially after driving for a couple hours I'll sit in the back and nap while someone else is entertaining the driver.

What are your essentials?