Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tips for Surviving an Overnight Flight

Hello, Friends!

It seems like at this rate I have inadvertently created a "Traveling Series" with different posts about Feeling Fresh when You Travel to Best Traveling Shoes to Vacationing with low time/money. I am by no means an expert or even an incredibly well-traveled person. In fact, there are many places I haven't visited yet (it is on my list), but I wanted to share some tips that I've learned along the way. Hopefully, you all can share some of your tips with me and I can add some new things to my traveling toolbox. With that being said I wanted to share some tips about surviving an overnight flight.

Overnight flights can be good and bad. For example, for us to go home to Argentina, we have to travel overnight. This means we don't take-off until 11 pm. This can prove to be very annoying! Personally, I LOVE flying, but I also enjoy being able to make the most out of my day. That's why I normally chose to fly early in the morning, late at night, or overnight. I want to be able to enjoy the most out of my vacation. Overnight flights can be a special kind of stressful, so hopefully, we can avoid that and enjoy our first day of exploring!

one// Choose the right carry-on bag

Choosing the right handbag, backpack, or tote for an overnight flight is essential, especially if you want to have all your essentials at your fingertips as you need them. For starters, go with something lightweight. A bonus is padded shoulder straps which make it easy to carry through the airport. It's nice to have a couple of larger compartments for laptops or books and some smaller pockets for things that are easy to lose like sunglasses or a wallet. You want a compartment that can be zipped shut to keep all your travel documents, passport, money, IDs, etc.

two// Pack noise-cancelling headphones

I am VERY picky with headphones and I treasure them like gold because of that I tend to forgo the constant headphones thing. I find them useful for flights in case you're on the phone or need some peace and quiet for a quick nap. They're great for listening to music, watching movies, or to enjoy the quiet. I find them useful in order to get some sleep on the planes. 

three// Go through your usual nighttime routine

I like to travel with mini toiletries, even if I'm checking a bag with more of my toiletries. This is especially important for an overnight flight. You want to try to maintain as much of your routine as possible in order to fall asleep then wake up ready to take on your first day of vacation. I would suggest "preparing for bed" a little while before boarding the plane so you don't have to wash your face or anything else in the cramped airplane bathrooms.

four// Pack an eye mask and ear plugs

If you're a really light sleeper or have trouble falling asleep, these are essential! My sister, for example, has the hardest time falling asleep if the room isn't pitch black, so she brings eye masks in order to fall asleep quickly. If you're like me and not a fan of headphones all the time, then ear plugs are a must. It's really all about reaching the maximum comfort level and being able to fall asleep. If you get cold easily bring a blanket (or ask a flight attendant if they have extra).

five// Brush your teeth

This one is super important to not only get ready for bed but also to feel refreshed in the morning. It isn't only hygienic, it makes you feel better! You can even brush your teeth when you land.

six// Bring a portable phone charger

We all bring a lot of tech items in our carry-ons or checked luggage. The one overlooked, but most important thing is a phone charger. There are many different kinds of portable chargers out there. This one is particularly good because it is small, can charge an iPhone 6s five times, and you can charge two phones at once. You want to keep your phone as charged as possible for safety reasons and to get going with your day without having to work about stopping for a charge.

seven// Reading material

This is pretty much standard for all flights. Ever. I don't really like reading on my phone or kindle, so I tend to bring my books with me. If I read through them, I've been known to stop by a local library and pick up a book for my flight back home. Reading helps me wind down before bed, so it's a perfect transition to sleeping on a place. I like to brush my teeth, pick up my book read for about 30 mins then attempt to sleep on the plane.

eight// Move around

Now, this is something I'm not good at doing. I like sitting next to the window and not moving the rest of the trip. I don't like being bothered, I like to look out the window, read, then try to nap. But on very long flights sometimes it's important to move around. Sometimes that means stretching in your chair or getting up and moving up and down the aisle. It's important for your circulation to get movement in.

nine// Wear comfy clothes

This is probably one of the most important things of overnight flights. In order to sleep in an uncomfortable, cramped airplane you want to be comfortable. You want to wear soft, comfortable fabrics that feel as close to pajamas as possible. Personally, I try to wear a sweater and bring either an extra sweater or a scarf that can double as a blanket or pillow. 

ten// Waking up

Once you finally get to your destination you want to wake up and be able to enjoy your day. Be sure to drink lots of water and try to have a balanced breakfast at the appropriate hour in your destination's time zone. A little bit of caffeine can help you get through the day. Don't rely too heavily on the caffeine, take an early bedtime if needed! 

Do you have any tips?