About Me

I am a 20-something year old Florida girl, just trying to "de-tangle" her life. I am currently starting life as a post grad, recording and sharing all my shenanigans along the way.

I am the oldest of three girls so our house has always been packed with craziness.

I started this blog awhile back, but I've finally gotten the hang of it! I like to write about things in my life, fashion, shopping, organization, and anything else that catches my eye! I mostly like talking to you all! So let me know what you like to see from me.

I am an adventurer at heart so I try to incorporate my adventures here. I am currently trying to figure out my life and I'm dragging you guys along for the ride.

I love my sorority (Chi Omega), painting my nails, maxi dresses, my cat (Sammy), and adventuring. I am obsessed with the color orange. I monogram everything I possibly can. I like jamming to Taylor Swift and I hate driving.

"Lighten Up and Live Boldly"